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HCSD's staff is committed to excellence in all tasks which has earned the District a reputation of incredible efficiency and superb customer service.

Meet our Staff . . . .

Customer Service:
Picture of staff

Norma McClary, Front Office Customer Service and A/P
Shawna Lourenzo, Front Office Customer Service
Brian McNeill, Water Worker/Meter Reader III
Roxanne Cahill, Front Office Customer Service and A/R
Joshua Olufsen, Water Worker/Meter Reader II

Mickey Hulstrom and Bill Bitner
Mickey Hulstrom, Community Services Manager
Bill Bitner, Engineering Technician



Operations/Maintenance & Construction:
Tim Latham
Tim Latham, District Superintendent, oversees the Operations/Maintenance and Construction Departments

Construction Department

Construction Department:
Matt Warner, Utility III
Mark, Taylor, Foreman
Allen Williams, Utility III
Keith Noga, Utility II
Wyatt Roach, Utility I

operations and maintenance department

Operations/Maintenance Department:
Darren Toland, Foreman
Will Paddock, Utility III
Chris Naughton, Utility II
Jacob Mitchell, Utility I

Brandon Emerson, Utility II