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HCSD's staff is committed to excellence in all tasks which has earned the District a reputation of incredible efficiency and superb customer service.  The General Manager is responsible for the day to day business of the Humboldt Community Services District, including implementing the policy directives of the Board and working with staff to carry out the District's mission.

Terrence Williams, General Manager

Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the General Manager provides leadership and management of the District's public policies, assets and resources, and all administrative, operational, and financial activities for Humboldt CSD.  Four managers and eighteen support staff assist the General Manager on a daily basis to uphold this mission.

Meet our staff . . .

Customer Service:

Michael Montag, Finance Manager
Roxanne Cahill, Customer Service/Utility Billing
Maggy Koeppel, Customer Service/AP (not pictured)
Susan Chase, Customer Service (not pictured)
Chris Davenport, Utility 1 (not pictured)



Mike Briggs, Special Projects/Elec-Instrumentation Tech
Brian McNeill, Utility Services Planner
Kush Rawal, Assistant Engineer
Bill Bitner, Engineering Technician




Field Staff:  

Construction Department:
Mark, Taylor, Foreman
Noah Altic, Utility I
Keith Noga, Utility III
Will Paddock, Utility III
Hunter Rice, Utility I
Matt Warner, Utility III



Operations/Maintenance Department:
Darren Toland, Foreman
Chris Armstrong, Utility II
Brandon Balke, Utility II 
Travis Holstrom, Utility I
Jacob Mitchell, Utility II